ACME ART - Moke Hill – Pricing information.

Most of our 2 – 4 hour workshops are priced $30. - $50. Student group classes are $20 per person.  Extended workshops or multiple-day workshops are higher priced. Materials are supplied for most classes.

For those who have received gift certificates, we will offer credit for any difference for lesser-priced workshops and collect additional workshop fees for classes that are higher priced.

If you sign up with friends. the price, per-person, will often be reduced. Contact ACME ART for more information. 

Group parties will be charged on a per-person basis. The larger the group, the better the pricing. 

Limited scholarships and/or grants are available for those experiencing financial challenges. It is our goal to provide classes for anyone who is interested in creating art. Talk with Anne and Will about various pricing options.

Call us with any questions. 209.286.8040